If you don’t want to walk more than 6 hours to go back and forth to the classic 7-color mountain, this is your best option. Not only because you don’t walk much but because you will see more than 3 7-color mountains, walking only 30 to 45 minutes. Another advantage of this attraction is that not many people visit it, it is not full of people like in the 7 Color Classic Mountain, this place is called Palcoyo Rainbow Mountain. It also has a plus, which are the great views of the Andes mountain range and the snow-capped Ausangate as well as a forest of stones formed by the effect of nature for thousands of years. As the walk is short, compared to the classic mountain, there are no horses to rent in this place.

Cerro Colorado or Palcoyo

The journey begins at a more “prudent” time, around 7 a.m. It is also a 3.5 hour drive and 3.5 hour return trip. From where you leave the car you can already see several hills with different colors due to the minerals present in the area. The walk is adapted to the group, and depending on the group it can be more or less long. The road is very easy and almost flat at all times. There is not a single mountain of colors, but the valley is full of small hills and walls with lines of different tones.

This is a new option in the tourism market, ideal for your customers who would love to know this new geological wonder, but without any effort since this option was launched to the market with a very simple logistics and recommended for all ages and all genres, mountain of colors, for the beautiful colorful views that this landscape offers us since the tonality of the colors is set by the storm at the moment, when it is cloudy its colors will be dimmer or darker and if the day is very sunny it will be lighter colors, during our journey we will have the opportunity to appreciate the 7 varieties of South American camelids (alpaca, suri alpaca,……..) with a good day we will be able to observe and the Condor place where they live, and more, a reservation with which we must be very careful so that these species remain in their habitat

Pallcoyo or Vinicunca?

The effort and time required to get to Palcoyo is less than that needed to get to Vinicunca, and the latter receives hundreds of tourists every day, so the landscape experience is less than that of visiting Palcoyo.

Without a doubt, Vinicunca is still the greatest challenge for intrepid travelers who want to conquer this challenging challenge, while Palcoyo is an excellent option for those who are not in excellent health.

 Duración*  40 a 01 Hrs  04 – 06 Hrs
 Dificultad Baja  Media
 Altura Máx 4,900 msnm aprox.  5,000 msnm aprox.
 Época ideal Abril – Enero  Abril – Enero
 Clima Baja temperatura  Media temperatura

*Duración de la caminata ida y vuelta.

Itinerary Overview

  • 6:30 am/7:00am. Our service starts with the pick up from your hotel.
  • Then we will go for 4 hours to the community of Palcoyo, through a trail, passing by the Red River, and enjoying the unique landscapes of the place.
  • We will have views of small platforms formed where agriculture is still practiced.
  • Upon arrival we will see several colorful mountains, such as the stone forest, rock formations, etc.
  • We will have 1 hour of stay to enjoy the landscape of the Palcoyo mountain range.
  • Return to Cusco.
  • 6:30 pm. Arrival and end of service.


We will pick you up at your different hotels from 06:30 to 07:00 am, and then drive for two hours south of Cusco to the town of Checacupe arriving at approximately 09:00 am.

Upon arriving at Checacupe we will observe the evolutionary process of the road system over time through three colonial bridges located in the same town of Checacupe: Inca Bridge, Colonial Bridge and the Republican Bridge. You can also see a colonial temple with fine carving work in wood, gold leaf and that houses the paintings of the Cusco school (Diego Quispe).

Once the visit to this archaeological site is over, we will leave for the Palccoyo Rainbow Mountain Range, located at 4,900 meters above sea level.

Once we reach this point we will begin our 40 minute hike where we will appreciate the eroded glacier valleys and the brightly colored Permian formations that are distinguished from each other and are inhabited by alpacas and llamas.

We will also be able to appreciate some of the communities and farmers that live in the lowlands of the Palccoyo Rainbow Mountain Range. We will also appreciate the Ccacca Loma stone forest and the red mountain.

After having visited the Rainbow Mountain Range of Palccoyo, we will continue with our circuit and we will go to Raqchi (Palace of the God Wiracocha), in this place we will appreciate more than 151 colcas (QULLQAS) or barns that were used to keep grains like corn and quinoa, potato, chuño, dried fish brought from the coast, dried alpaca meat, brought from the plateau of the collao, which were used for ceremonial purposes.

Raqchi’s most important structure is the Temple of God (wiracocha), a huge two-story rectangular structure measuring 92 meters long by 25.5 meters wide. The structure is composed of a central adobe wall between 18 and 20 meters high, with an andesite stone base. It has windows and doors, it is flanked on both sides by a row of 11 circular columns with the lower part in stone and the upper part in clay.

Continuing our tour of the Rainbow Mountain Range of Palccoyo, we will head to San Pedro to enjoy a delicious buffet lunch.

After having enjoyed our lunch we will go to the circuit of the four lagoons, where we will observe the different lakes like (Acopia, Pomacanchis, posposqo cocha, misky cocha), here we will have enough time to observe the variety of birds and the landscape that surrounds us.

After all this beautiful tour and having visited the Rainbow Mountain Range of Palccoyo, we will return to the city of Cusco arriving at approximately 18:30.

IMPORTANT: Our tours to the rainbow mountain range of Palccoyo are suitable for travelers to enjoy these landscapes as all operators arrive early until 11:00 am, while we will be after them and with the ideal daylight to take excellent pictures.

At least 03 participants are required for this tour.



  • Transportation Cusco – Cuatro Lagunas – Raqchi – Rainbow Mountain Range of Palccoyo – Checacupe – Cusco
  • Professional guide
  • Para-Medical Guide
  • Entrance to Raqchi, Palccoyo Rainbow Mountain Range
  • First aid kit
  • Lunch Buffet
  • Hot drinks

Not included:

  • Airport Transfers
  • Food (except as mentioned above)
  • Aerial flights
  • Travel insurance


We recommend Carrying:

  • Backpack 21 liters.
  • Trekking boots must be water resistant (recommended).
  • Warm clothes.
  • Rain gear depending on the date of travel.
  • Cap or hat.
  • Long pants, we do not recommend wearing jeans.
  • Several poles.
  • Little towel.
  • Toilet paper, tissues.
  • Hand sanitizers.
  • Sun block.
  • Plastic rain poncho depending on the date.
  • Medicine and/or personal items (contact lens fluid).
  • Bottle of water, you should drink plenty of water during the walk.
  • Purifying tablets.
  • Have cheques and coins available in small denominations of dollars, euros or soles.
  • Camera or video camera.


Características del Tour Montaña de ColoresVinicunca Montaña de ColoresPalccoyo
Inicio del Tour en Cusco 03:30 am 7:00 am
Retorno a Cusco 17:00 a 18:00 pm 17:00 a 18:00 pm
Dificultad Durante la caminata Alta Fácil
Horas de Viaje en Van desde Cusco 3 3
Horas de Caminata 5 2
Paisaje Impresionante Impresionante
Cantidad de gente que visita Saturado Poco
Contaminación (bolsas de plástico, basura) Medio a más Muy poco a nada


In our shared services, we will pick up our clients from their hotel whenever they are in the city centre.

In our shared services, at the end of the tour, we leave our clients in a place close to the Main Square (Plaza de Armas Cusco); it is easier to return to your hotel on foot than on the bus, as the traffic is terrible. If your hotel is far from the city centre, take extra cash to take a taxi.

Pick up and drop off times are referential, this will depend on the traffic that can be found in the streets or the delay of other guests, our assistant will arrive at your hotel on time, but sometimes the transport could be delayed a few minutes.

PRICES [title]

Per person: $ 225.00

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